Some words to introduce this Blog

Step by Step

So, let’s start talking, on the road to my post nr. 1.

Fist of all I want to apologize to all of you for my really bad english. Maybe enough to communicate and, I hope, making me understandable, but really something I need to improve. Anyway, that’s the “universal language” nowadays, and so I believe it would be a mistake to do it in another one.

Well, here I am, decided to try to setup one more Blog about photography, but maybe not only.

I’ve been pushed to start it by a close and kind friend  who thinks that I have “things” to tell, that I should exchange my experiences and some knowledge around photography, but maybe not only about that. Let’s try and see if she was wright.

From now on this will be an open road to you for talking with me through your comments. Feel free.

I am still organizing ideas about what will be the content of my posts, as also learning how  Wordpress works. They tell you that it is something simple, easy, but it is n’t at all. I like difficult things!…:)

Basically, the content will be everything that could be related with my experience in photography for some “long years now”, stories connected with, photo tips that maybe can help you, people I admire, some thoughts.

I believe also, some ideas to posts will come from your comments.

Set by step this will be setup.

Please, come visit time to time: You are very WELCOME!…


One thought on “Some words to introduce this Blog

  1. Here I am!! 🙂
    Cheguei atrasada, mas prometo “ficar por perto” das tuas “Estórias”!
    Keep going!

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