One Unforgettable Moment!…


Since my last one, I took lots of notes for posts to continue this Blog, trying to follow a sort of chronology for the stories.

Finally I decided for doing it just for the daily feeling.

Rewinding my photo stories, my memories, I easily arrived to the photo bellow.

If you have asked me to choose one of my first photos to illustrate my first steps in photography this will be doubtless The One.

Of course you probably can say that it is not a perfect photo, that we can see I still have a long way to walk until approach “something” in photography.

I totally agree with you.

But, there are a story behind this image, that I always remember each time I see it, and, if I want to tell you things about the reality of becoming a photographer, I should show you not only perfect ones.

Well, let’s talk about this.

It was 1972, I think. The same year that I went to France, latter on.

I met that day in the morning with a friend. He was the today well-known architect António Monteiro, that one who designed the new Coimbra Stadium.

Having not a precise idea of what to do for the journey  one of us suggested: – why not to go to oPorto by hitchhiking!?… just for the fun and the sensation of adventure.

Something like one hundred fifty Km by the old road was a “long trip” at that time, and we weren’t at all experimented to travel alike. What an adventure!… Later I became a specialist in this travel system.

There we were, our thumbs pointing to the sky, waiting for the first people enough generous to pick up us, which took almost all the morning.

When the first guy stopped, he was not exactly going to oPorto like was our travel target, but only to Mealhada, something like twenty km from there. Well, we accepted. It was a start anyway.

Arrived to Mealhada we kept trying to pick up another car, no luck, nothing happened until lunch time. We were starting to get hungry but, no complains, we were adventurers.

Suddenly, from the other side of the road and totally dressed in black like a respectable widow should be, this woman approaches, asks if we were not starving and invites us for having lunch with her. We accept. Hungry and curiosity were together in the decision.

I believe that it is not necessary, at this point of the story, to tell you that my Nikkormat was no more separated of me, always pending from my shoulder since I bought it.

Inside of the woman’s house, a few meters from there, and whose luxury you may easily feel and imagine by the photo, she invited us to take a seat and started to prepare the table for our common meal, always very polite and with delicate manners.

There…, surprise,…the big one…, our lunch was, for the three of us, two small birds, like the ones you find anywhere in a garden or the fields, cooked with some potatoes and vegetables. And she was sharing that with us in the most generous gesture.

It would be really rude from us to say no.

I should explain, for the ones that never experienced to try to eat this kind of birds, that, after cooked, they almost have nothing to eat and you must be experimented to extract some meat from them. Take your time.

At the end of the meal, and after a long and fascinating talk with that woman whose face tells a, for sure suffered life story,.. shyly I took my camera, asked permission, and shoot five photos, today would be fifty in digital, feeling that I had done some masterpieces.

Of course not as you can see.

But, the memory of the incredible hospitality and kindness of that woman remains unforgettable and, gives me that particular relation with the photo.

Well, finally oPorto was not reached that day. Some hours latter we moved to the other side of the road, back to Coimbra, with, anyway, the sensation of having pass a incredible day and a nice story inside our young heads.

I talk to much! Will try to make a shorter post next time!…


2 thoughts on “One Unforgettable Moment!…

  1. Having read every single word I am eger to wait for more stories and photographs. Thank you for sharing your past and present encounters. Cheers from Munich,Germany. (friend of pedro)

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