Look Back!…


It is very easy to start a Blog. We get an idea, we format the interface, we start writing some posts.

To keep it going with no disappointment for your followers is another discipline. Real life remains out there calling us, and we shouldn’t either become too much addicted to internet communication. It is easy and dangerous. Just a thought. You understand what I mean.

I have been outside those days but came back for a little talk about this apparently obvious thing in photography, not in our lives, that is, to “Look Back”!…

Probably, most of you, were expecting that I start posting about “tips & technics” with something much more “technic”.

Well, no!…When I first though about which will be the first one I just liked the idea of the “look back” as nothing complicated but often forgotten and that helps a lot. I usually speak about in my workshops.

At this point I must tell you that I am not the kind of photographer obsessed by technical details. For me it is much more important what is inside an image, how it is framed, how the different elements off your photo talk together and with the spectator. But we let this for another post.

As I said, this “Look Back” is the kind of thing that, even if it seems obvious as many alike, takes time to be installed in our minds as photographer reflexes like it should for not loosing the good shoot.

It is specially useful when you walk around some place that you are exploring, like a new city, a new space, mainly in street photography or similar, but not only, even inside a studio it may help.

Resuming, that simply means that you should have in mind like a reflex installed, to look back time to time when you are searching for images, trying to find the good one, or deciding what and how to shoot.

And,…sometimes, The Photo is behind us, not in front. Even in a closed space.

That idea can be followed of course by saying that going up or laying down in a space, when possible, is also important for discovering what we can catch. Well, I believe that you understand the “thing” already!…

BUT…some other times, just stop and look, quietly, not shooting, until finding and feeling the idea, the good one.

Finally, to look back in your lives can also help one day for a good photo. Who knows!?…

I keep thinking about that too.

See you soon!…



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