O “Efeito Bang Bang”


Do filme "The Bang Bang Club"

Do filme “The Bang Bang Club”

Não sei porquê mas, desde que me recordo, que associo coisas em pensamento, ideias, números, títulos para hipotéticos livros, da forma mais inesperada ou disparatada. Não sou caso único obviamente.

Este “post” é apenas mais uma consequência desse lado do “eu”.

Começa com a primeira foto dos putos, comigo, em Paris 1972.

Quando a publico pela primeira vez no “Facebook” pedem-me para contar a história.

Tempos depois vejo o filme “The Bang Bang Club”, uma história de fotógrafos de guerra. Continue reading


Find your Balance – Make 2013 a Masterpiece in your life

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Lot’s of projects for posts still remains only “as projects”!

The year 2012 passed too slowly sometimes, but now, ending, is simply running too fast. Nothing that I can do against that!…

Time, that “dimension” that always obsessed me, keeps moving on.

Anyway, and fighting a little more with it, I told to myself that I was not finishing the year without one more post, even short, in my Blog.

Finally just a small message to your New Year. To mine too.

A short story also, as usual, to explain the context of the photos below, to explain the “why” of the message.

The title for it just came into my mind during this crazy photo session.

The photos I show here is a very small approach of the session we did, two nights ago, me, my son Pedro, great photographer and director, and a good friend of him, now mine also, Pedro Moreno (Pato), designer, publicity director, and painter.

More then 500 photos, a great dinner, hours of talk about what life means and can give you, crazy stories, some bottles of wine, good wine, lots of laugh and fun, bed finally, at seven in the morning.

I really love these guys.

And, as the result, I let you my message for your 2013 resumed in three photos.

The “Balance”, you easily understand where I got the idea through the orange level tool.

The “Masterpiece”, is just because trying to find the “balance” with the two glasses of wine on the level tool, I BROKE ONE, splashing it on the ground of my studio.

Easy to be a creative!…

I took my Iphone, made a picture, used the app Shakeit Photo, and decided this was my last “masterpiece from 2012”.

For me it is!

Latter on, when seeing that photo, I will remember the entire story contained in it.

All the fun we had, all the plans we did, everything we talked about, resumed by a “clic” in this “beautiful” stain of red…wine!…

It makes the sense that I wanted.

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU, My Kids Pedro and Maria, Familly, Friends, Followers, World

So, let’s try for 2013



Keep shooting! Cheers!…

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